May 05 2019

The Spark that Became World Class Car Connection


“I know so many people in this area that have beautiful car collections, and nowhere to take them. They want to get them out, show them off… meet other people like them.”

Rick planted a seed with that statement and within a few short hours, the plan for a monthly car gathering in our Hill Country area took root.

The founders of World Class Car Connection, Rick Robichaux and Allen Robinson almost instantly noticed 3 significant things about their budding community of car enthusiasts:

  1. They enjoy getting their cars out on the road and sharing the stories that came with them, with friends and strangers alike.  It’s a fun, friendly group by design.
  2. They get inspired by other members to acquire another extraordinary vehicle or upgrade the one they have!
  3. They need referrals, because giving permission to work on their baby does not come easily. It’s hard to trust just anyone with the investment of your time, and money.

Hence the “Connection” part of the Connection comes into play.

The Resource List is a triple-vetted list of professionals and service providers specific to classic cars, collectibles, hot rods and custom vehicles.  It takes time to approve the folks on the list, but the result will be a trusted resource page for all the Connection members.

The second type of connection Rick and Allen help to make is the Classic Car Exchange.

That is, connecting people to their dream car.  Anyone is welcome at the car gatherings, but let’s be real, when you have a car, truck or motorcycle that you love to bring, the fun goes up a notch.  So, with the Connection the guys can spread the word for cars that members are searching for as well as provide a place to list a vehicle you would like to “rehome.”

There is work involved in the building of the community, the Resources and the Exchange, but when you have a passion, it’s really not work at all.

Become a member by simply signing in to the events list on the home page of the site:

And if you have a business you’d like to have included in the growing resource list, get in touch!


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