Premium Events

Our next-level gatherings with food, drinks, music, charity, fun,  and of course… the vehicles!

We push the pedal to the metal every so often

The Build Sheet for A Premium Event


Even with all the great people and vehicles present, you will inevitably find yourself staring at neither for a period of time. We find places that make sure those moments are pleasant (or at least interesting) too!


What is an automotive event without vehicles? A lot of people wishing there were cars to talk about. 


Theres something about everyone gathering for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or 4th of July and having similar clothing or goals or intent. 


We are very fortunate to have vehicles and a great group of people to gather with, and out of these celebratory-style gatherings we like to channel a portion of the event into charitable giving. 

Food and Drinks

Food, drinks… you know…the things we do with people!


We are very close to the heart of the live music capital of the United States and have soo many great musicians that want to share their gifts with us! 

Past Premium Events

Showcasing 4 Projects

Cars N' Guitars 2022

Hot Cars, Live Music, Great People. Our 2nd rendition of a music-centered auto gathering 

Cars N' Guitars 2021- A Summer Event

As the name states, we put the cars and guitars together for a jam-session style get together!

Drive-Thru Trunk or Treat 2021

Spurred from COVID and kids not having access to trick or treating or candy, we started a drive-thru trunk or treat where families can load up on candy, see some great costumes, get spooked by decorations, and do it all from the vehicle! 

Car- Nucopia 2020 - A Fall Event

Car-nucopia is a Thanksgiving themed event where we have a sit down Turkey Lunch; nestled away in the hill country with our fellow enthusiasts.