Two men walk into a bar:

One is a Hollywood Stuntman fueled by adrenaline  and one a Texas born and raised entrepreneur/real estate investor with an almost uncanny ability to connect people and make things happen.  They get to talking and realize they have a common love of cars and community. 

World Class Car Connection is born!

The vision is to create a growing network of like-minded people.  Fueling dreams and imagination, conversation and fun.  Competition is not the focus of WCCC, so our shows are not about critical eyes on cars, but more looking with appreciation on the history and the skill associated with each vehicle.  We like to encourage folks to acquire their dream cars and are happy to provide quality resources to specialists in every category to turn that dream into drivable reality!

If you’re curious about our founders here’s just a little bit about Allen and Rick:


[rev_slider_vc alias=”rick-images”]Rick grew up in Houston, Texas and he escaped the poor side of town to support himself at the age of 13, learning everything he could to succeed in business by watching and learning from the best. He developed a great work ethic and set his sights to reside one day with a stunning wife and family in a beautiful home in the Hill Country. Mission accomplished.

First car: 1965 Chevy Biscayne
A dream car he has yet to acquire: 1967 GTX 440Allen grew up as a Army brat and describes his childhood as a “travel adventure.”   Allen’s father was US Army Colonel which meant they moved… a lot. In each city, Allen found a sport to participate in from football, baseball, track and field, swimming and diving, This set him up perfectly to launch his 33+ year career in the film and TV industry as a Stuntman/ Stunt coordinator.  When he is not working as a “high risk illusionist” in Film or TV, Allen volunteers as a first responder with TEXSAR.  He stays busy in his spare time on his “little piece of heaven in the Hill Country” with his wife, dogs and horses.

First car: 1972 Mercury Capri
Dream car he has yet to acquire: a traditional period-correct ‘32 high boy roadster[rev_slider_vc alias=”allen-about”]That’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the guys and their stories.  So much more to tell about their cars, racing history, barn finds-turned-show-cars and celebrity influences, but we’d like to know your stories.

Come out and meet us at a monthly gathering or contact us directly with questions you may have.  We just might be able to connect you with what you need, or who you need to meet!