Summer Auto Experience

Cars N' Guitars

Event Recap

World Class Car Connection Had a Goal:

Create Community, Casual Fun, and Charity around an automotive experience!

 Mission Accomplished!

Thank you attendees, thank you sponsors, thank you volunteers, thank you people who were interested in the big read building in Spicewood!


Thank yous

Thank you Frank Davis for providing a location and collection of vehicles to show off.

Thank you volunteers for making the hall look the part for the cars and guitars event

Thank you Kim and Her Bad Habits and Logan Shane for the live music

Thank you sponsors for making all of our guests feel welcomed and well take care of


Thank you WCCC crew for bringing it all together! 

The Charities Receiving The Abundance
From Our Fun that is Auto Enthusiasm

The SAFE Alliance is a merger of Austin Children’s Shelter and SafePlace, both long-standing and respected human service agencies in Austin serving the survivors of child abuse, sexual assault and exploitation, and domestic violence. Sign up to get interesting news and updates delivered to your inbox

Helping Hands Crisis Ministry
of Spicewood

Helping Hands Serves those in the Spicewood area who are suffering through a crisis in their life. Their goal is to help them navigate through this period of crisis with dignity and pride.

Get Involved

Its going to happen again… and again… and again. You very well may have the enthusiasm, the time, the resource, the connection the WCCC lives on. Join in!  

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